Some of the most effective pitch roof coverings are in the form of slate. In this instance a multi faceted roof using genuine natural welsh slate. It takes great skill and patience to complete work of this standard. The result here was a completed covering with an expected lifespan of possibly 100 years. Note the main roof areas are complemented with a traditional lead box gutter and lead valley's.    roofpitch
zinc Because of our experience in conservation works we are able to deal with the full range of roof coverings and methods of installation. The canopy to the left is being covered bay by bay in zinc sheet. To speed the process along part of our preparation work was to build a manual former and press  for the complex system of welted joints.
There are many types of flat roof coverings from Mastic Asphalt, High performance layered felt systems and Monolastic welded membranes right through to Liquid roof membranes and Fibreglass systems. All have their place in the right situation. But without detailed performance knowledge and the different critical installation techniques for each product, the life span of a new roof covering can be seriously compromised. We will always give advice based on the correct installation solution for each of the circumstances we find, and never take the easy option over best practice. flat roof